Virtual Open Evenings 2023

Whether you are a Leaving Cert student exploring high-quality, non-CAO routes or an adult learner hoping to come back to study for career change or progression, at Portobello Institute we support you to choose the course for the career you want. We help you to make an informed decision because we understand how important it is for you to follow your passion and fulfil your potential. 

Our future virtual open evenings will be announced soon. In the meantime, please get in touch with our expert course advisors for any queries you may have.

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Early Years & Inclusive Education - Book a consultation with Jennifer Matteazzi here or call 01 892 0031.

Sports - Book a consultation with Portobello's Sports Advisor here or call 01 892 0029.

Facilities Management, Tour Guide & Aviation Management - Book a consultation with Brandon McLean here or call 01 892 0036.

Business of Fashion - Book a consultation with Sarah Coyne here or call 01 892 0041.

Special Needs Assisting - Book a consultation with Sarah Coyne here or call 01 892 0041.

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